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Book Talk - Lamentations: A Novel of Women Walking West with author, Carol Kammen


Wed 03 / 22 / 2023
2:00 PM to 3:00 PM

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Join us as Carol Kammens discusses her novel, Lamentations. 
One reviewer shared " I found Lamentations to be a totally absorbing read and a unique book. A historical novel, for sure, but one that substitutes thrilling, yet realistic leaps of imagination into the unknown, for archival material that does not exist anywhere. Women are the silent and unreported presence of the unstoppable process by which settlers took possession of America. This is a book about women who moved West in the early 1840s, normally not on their own volition, but with a strength that goes far beyond the physical. Their innermost thoughts, painful memories, and budding friendships are all sketched and without cant in an authentic and austere voice that is unwavering throughout the book. On their Odyssey they encounter all of Life and, most importantly, themselves. In the sweeping landscape and against an enormous sky, they are described, once, as tiny figures leaning forward as they make their way toward an unknowable destiny, step after step. Don’t be fooled. They are huge in their humanity and courage that Carol Kammen has fixed indelibly in our minds.